A – Assurance of salvation

B – Body of Christ

C – Coca Cola

D – Dark chocolate

E – Eutychus (sometimes preaching will put you to sleep)

F – Fall weather

G – Grands: Morgan, Carter, Rowan, Abby, Millie

H – Hope of heaven

I – Integrity (little seen, little appreciated)

J – Joy of the Lord

K – Kids & spouses: Hannah & Alex, Nate & Brittney, Esther & John

L – Lists (I live and die by them)

M – Merino wool

N – Never alone in Christ

O – Onward Christian Soldiers!

P – Prayer

Q – Quiet wooded walks with Alethea

R – Redemption’s sweet song

S – Skagen watches

T – Trinity: Father, Son & Spirit

U – Upward call of Christ

V – Vitameatavegamin

W – Word of God

X – Xtra food at Thanksgiving

Y – Yoko the cat

Z – Zaccheus (Jesus doesn’t care about or your past)